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Sisson Award

This award recognizes the efforts of a water well contractor, pump installer, water treatment dealer, or geothermal loop installer who has gone above and beyond by sharing, educating, or mentoring to other contractors, regulatory agencies, or the public about groundwater, while actively employed  in the industry. The award is named after John “Jack” Sisson. Nominations for the Sisson Award can be made at any time during the year. You can send your nomination by filling out this nomination form.

Selection criteria

  • Contractor member of IAGP
  • Active involvement in the industry in Illinois for at least five to seven years
  • Activities go beyond normal job-related duties and relate to public awareness, education, mentoring, or other activities

Sisson Award recipients

  • 2016 — Gregory Buffington
  • 2015 — Jim Layten
  • 2014 — John Liberg
  • 2013 — Robert Albrecht
  • 2012 — John (Jack) Schwall
  • 2011 — Larry Lyons
  • 2010 — John Huemann
  • 2009 — Michael Gross
  • 2008 — Randy Gebke
  • 2007 — John Pitz
  • 2006 — George Gaffke
  • 2005 — Alan Olson
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