IAGP Mission

The Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals is dedicated to the protection and efficient utilization of groundwater, providing programs that support industry professionalism and providing consumer information about water wells and groundwater.

Protect Your Groundwater Day

Be a part of Protect Your Groundwater Day on September 5, 2017!  Use any of the information provided below to create your own marketing materials or simply just post them to your web site or Facebook page!  If you have any questions, please call IAGP at 815-973-3000.

Visit NGWA's Protect Your Groundwater Day webpage

Fantastic video to share on YouTube regarding well abandonment

Groundwater and the earth’s water resources

Access statistics on groundwater use in your state by clicking on “Groundwater’s Role in (Your State’s) Economic Vitality” from the following link: http://www.ngwa.org/Member-Center/affiliate/Pages/State-Associations%27-contact-information.aspx

Groundwater Protection PowerPoint presentation: https://ngwa.sharefile.com/d/s7094ba82a3645eb8


Groundwater Conservation PowerPoint presentation: https://ngwa.sharefile.com/d/sa34b3ca2d0a45e49
Free groundwater protection online lesson (requires person to register): http://www.wellowner.org/well-owner-lessons/
Water conservation basics, tips, and water use calculator: http://wellowner.org/groundwater/conservation-matters/