IAGP Mission

The Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals is dedicated to the protection and efficient utilization of groundwater, providing programs that support industry professionalism and providing consumer information about water wells and groundwater.

Become a Member

Groundwater is an essential resource that impacts all Illinois residents each day. IAGP promotes the protection and use of groundwater through education and advocacy.

IAGP Member Benefits:
  • Education Discounts
    Your membership saves you money on all educational offerings provided by IAGP including continuing education, Water Well Basics, and any other classes.
  • Aquanotes Quarterly Newsletter
    This important newsletter communicates education dates, registration forms, legislative news, IDPH updates, technical information and much more. Never be the last to know!
  • Legislative Advocacy
    IAGP's Illinois lobbyist provides timely updates on any legislation being considered that will have implications to your business including groundwater protection, workers compensation, prevailing wage and other imperative matters to your business.
    Federal legislative updates are also being communicated via NGWA's governmental affairs network.
  • Insurance Discounts
    Insurance expenses are one of the largest line items on your budget. IAGP has established relationships with several insurance providers to be able to offer discounts to our members on their general liability and auto coverage as well as disability, life and several other personal products for you and your employees.
  •  IAGP.org Consumer Contractor Search
    By updating your service list in your member portal, consumers can find and contact you using a search on iagp.org.
  • Educational Scholarships
    IAGP members, families and employees are eligible to apply for two $500 educational scholarships awarded annually for higher education.
  • IAGP Member Portal
    Members can access their invoices, education certificates, participate in forums, change their preferences, view board and committee documents and have access to newsletters and other resources just by logging on to their member account at iagp.org.
  • Web Site Builder Discounts NEW
    IAGP can help you build a web site for your business to capitalize on the growing market of consumers who are looking for contractors online. For an extremely reduced rate, IAGP will help you create your site and teach you how to make future updates.
  • Access to NGWA Resrources
    As an affiliate state member of NGWA, IAGP can pass along certain benefits to our members including access to publications, legislative news, advocacy and public relations efforts.
  • IAGP as YOUR Advocate
    You concentrate on the operations of your business every day. IAGP is your resource to keep you informed and educated about everything you need to know for your business and your industry and works on your behalf to remediate any concerns you may have. Just call IAGP!
There are several membership opportunities available to various contractors.
Member Categories:

Water Well  - $240  Any water well or pump installation contractor licensed in Illinois.  Licensed or non-licensed employees of Active members may also join as Supplemental members at $75 per person (provided there is a primary membership).
Specialty Services  - $200  Contractors engaged in water treatment or geothermal closed loop installation. 
Technical - $100  Any person (engineer, hydrologist, geologist, etc) or company whose profession is of a technical or scientific nature relating to substrata or groundwater such as engineering, design or consulting firms and doing business in Illinois. 
Supplimental - $75  Licensed or non-licensed employee of Water Well, Specialty Services, or Technical members may also join as a Supplemental member provided there is a primary member in the category for the company.  
Retired - $50   An individual who has been a continuous IAGP member in any category for a minimum of ten years and who currently is not actively engaged in the day to day operations of their affiliated company.
Associate Membership - $200  A firm engaged in manufacturing, selling or jobbing equipment and supplies or in providing services to the water well, water treatment, or geothermal heating market.
Affiliate Membership - $50 A  regulatory agency, organization or individual interested groundwater protection and utilization with the exception of those eligible for Water Well, Specialty Services, Supplemental, or Associate membership.

To see what IAGP can do for you and our industry, CLICK HERE to fill out the Membership Application today!
To see what IAGP can do for you and our industry,

to fill out the Membership Application today!